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Mosquito Zapper Animation

This was a short stylized simplistic animated bit that I made for a Zach King video. A parody of the famous "Death Star" sequence. This was for the 4H Club and was specifically about a device that zaps mosquitos with a laser. Originally, my concept was to make this into a "Death Spray" and had the characters look more like bug exterminators, but the client wanted to move away from anything to do with traditional imager of insect chemical extermination. The final version ended up as a more blatant parody of the scene from "Star War: A New Hope".

Animation Clip from Mosquito Zapper

My original animatic of the "Death Spray"

Death Star Bug Zap (1st version)

Josh kenfield 1 death bug

Original frame 01

Josh kenfield 2 death bug

Redone frame 01

Josh kenfield 3 death bug

Original frame 02

Josh kenfield 4 death bug

Redone frame 02

Josh kenfield 5 death bug

Mosquito about to be zapped

Josh kenfield 6 death bug

Mosquito getting zapped