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Prince Michael the Cat: Video Drawings

A collection of drawings I have done for individual videos of Prince Michael the Cat, on the YouTube channel of Aaron's Animals. I have the related video placed below each drawing. Each of these are featured at the end of the videos and are also available as postcards on the Aaron's Animals store:

Josh kenfield helping homeless online

For the video of "Homeless Cats"

Homeless Cats

Josh kenfield can t sit here online

For the video of "Is This Seat Taken?"

Is This Seat Taken?

Josh kenfield sx michael online

For the video of "The Saddest Day"

The Saddest Day

Josh kenfield all nighter

For the video of "All Nighter"

All Nighter

Josh kenfield pet peeves office online

For the video of "Pet Peeves - Office Edition"

Pet Peeves - Office Edition